September 28, 2008

I STILL Heart Donnie Wahlberg

Ok - so if you didn't watch VH1's Behind the Music of New Kids on the Block tonight - I'm not really sure I have anything to say to you!

What I can tell you is 20 years after my obsession with Donnie Wahlberg began (Hello! Molly Wahl, Donnie Wahlberg) (his birthday is August 17th, mine is August 19th and no I did NOT look that up for this blog), he is still a beautiful man and a bad boy to boot. AND I find out from Behind the Music, he's divorced - come on a girl can dream can't she?

He MIGHT even be hotter now than he was when I saw them at the Cocoa Expo in 1990. And, I will be downloading the new album, The Block tonight, not that impressed with them singing live, but that's not really the point is it?

And how adorable was it that Maria Menunos pulled out a letter that she wrote about Jonathan when she was 12 years old??

About 3 1/2 years ago, when I and then boyfriend Billy were flying to Seattle to go on vacation with his family, we flew out of Orlando to DC (I think) and as we got on the plane, Billy said, "I think Jordan Knight is on our plane"

Me, like a rabid dog, sits up, eyes wide and says "Where???" looking around furiously.

He says, right back there and points about five rows behind us in COACH.

When we landed, wherever we were, we were behind him and heading in the same direction and yours truly says, "Excuse me, are you Jordan Knight?" and he says yes, and smiles. AND I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE!!!! However, did we get a picture with whatever professional wrestler was on our plane in Seattle?? YES. Not that I'm bitter. But yes Bitches, I DID meet Jordan Knight.

I know there are several of you that will hate this post, but it makes me happy to know that New Kids have new music and are back together!

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Nancy Reublin said...

Hi Molly! Cool blog! I enjoyed it and learned stuff about you I didn't know and will follow you here to keep up to date on what you are up to. I really enjoyed T-giving at Joni's with all of Sherwood's great family members and of course, the fabulous food! Which bring me to....can you send me you carrot ring recipe? I LOVE IT and could eat it every week. Joni fixed a plate to go and it was delicious the next day too! Sadly, I am back at work today and am sad that we are not in The Villages. The month went by so fast, but we look forward to going back, probably in April or May. Take care and keep in touch!