September 12, 2008

Look Who We've got our HANES ON NOW!!!!

So, the neighbors just keep getting weirder.

This morning is not the first time I've heard, guitar strumming coming through the wall from the people next door. Vacuuming at midnight, I can deal, cause at least it keeps the place clean....but come loud do you have to be playing the guitar that I can hear it next door. And there's no song or diciferable tune, its just random strumming and it continues for almost an hour.

Then, just as I'm falling asleep on the couch (it was a slow day today, and I don't feel good) my doorbell rings...and my doorbell NEVER rings. So I answer it to find my neighbor in all his tatooed in his underwear glory. Now granted, he's got a pretty tight body, but he's standing in my doorway, asking for help since he took the trash out and locked himself out. I told him I didn't have a spare key, but he could call our landlord. Then he realized he had a spare key outside, so he could let himself back in.

Here's the question - what would it take for you to take out your trash in your underwear???

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