October 23, 2008

You can Run, You can Hide...

While I was driving yesterday, and singing along with the random crap that was on the radio, a song started playing that I loved when it was popular. I mean, I would listen to it over and over. Its got a really catchy beat, but its got some odd lyrics - odd like, I think its kind of funny that millions of people are singing along to this.

The song? Escape by Enrique Iglesias. (Remember when Mtv showed videos? This was the one with Enrique and Anna Kournakova making out on the public bathroom counter)

Here's what I think is odd - lyrics "You can run, you can hide but you can't escape my love." With a catchy tune, it makes you bop in your car. Coming from a man parked outside your house, it makes him a stalker.

So, I started thinking about other songs that are surprisingly odd. What can you come up with?

MollyWood loves ya!

October 16, 2008

Driving the Bus

So, I know I've said it before...but my snarky nature assures me that I will not only be on my way to Hell becuase of my comments, but that I will be driving the bus to get there.....

Today I decided that if I am the person driving the bus....it should at least be some cool, tricked out bus. Well...a little googling teaches me that these busses are actually called Chicken Busses and they look like this!

MollyWood loves ya! Catch ya later!

Nope...I Didn't Make it Up

So, I've written before about my fabulous white-trash neighbors. Well, today's episode takes the cake. But, I guess I should fill you in on their activities the past few weeks.

So, about a week ago, I was cooking dinner. Not an unusual occurrance. I was in my kitchen when I heard crying. Well, not really crying, but sobbing. Coming from a child somewhere outside of my house. So, being a responsible adult (be impressed, please) I went outside to investigate. And my neighbor's kid (hers, not his) was sitting in the grass, crying.

Me: "What's wrong?"

Mom (storming out of the house): "He's FINE. He's just upset that his toy is missing"

Me: "Ok, well, I just heard crying and wanted to make sure everyone was ok."

So, the next day, I was heading out of the house to go meet some friends, when my doorbell rang, twice. Seriously?? Who rings a doorbell twice within a one minute period? I open the door and Parrish is standing there.

Parrish: "Hey, I just wanted to come over and apologize."

Me: "Apologize? For what?"

Parrish: "Well, I heard about what happened yesterday."

Me: "What happened yesterday?"

Parrish: "Well, what you should know about Sally-Ann (I think that's what we're calling her since I still don't know what her name is...which apparently, is now insignificant. KEEP READING!) is that she's bi-polar and she's been off her meds for a while. So I'm sorry about the yelling and about her getting so upset with you yesterday."

Me: "Yesterday wasn't a big deal. I didn't mean to butt-in, but I heard someone crying and I wanted to make sure everyone was ok. I would expect that if I had kids, one of my neighbors would do the same for me."

Parrish went on to tell me that she apparently went off to him about me butting in and being nosy and trying to imply she was a bad mother. SERIOUSLY?? I don't even have that good of an imagination.

So whatever, fast forward to today. My friend Tonya and I went to lunch. When we got home, Sally-Ann was throwing shit in her car. And ANGRY about it. With a vengance almost. So, as I get out of the car, I say "Hey are you leaving?"

And then, she utters the line that every woman has said more than once, "oh yeah, I'm fucking DONE."

Me: "Oh! Are you ok?"

Sally-Ann: "I keep saying I'm going to do this, and now I'm done. He hasn't been home in days. He must be on drugs. He's been to four different hotels and has wiped three grand out of our checking account. He must be on drugs. Do me a favor, if you hear a ruckus, call the police."

Me: "Um, ok."

Sally-Ann: "No, seriously. He's on parole (wtf????) and shouldn't be doing drugs. This is such bullshit. I'm just DONE."

So, um, ok. Aparently, my new neighbor is a felon or something. And he's on PAROLE. What's up with that? I know Bob (my landlord) doesn't do background checks, but come on. UPDATE: here's the LIST of things he's been convicted of...its a long list!

I'm so glad I'm moving in 16 days!

MollyWood loves ya...catch you later!

Packing Sucks

So, the countdown is ON...I am moving in 16 days. I am trying to pack sensibly, packing the items that I don't currently need and won't need for the next two weeks. That's mostly decor, but not the closet or kitchen. I am also trying to get packed, so that the movers won't take my first born child for payment. When I moved to Tallahassee three years ago, it cost $975 to move my 2 bedroom apartment here. The quote I got yesterday was for $1,856. Um, yeah, you read that correctly. That would be almost DOUBLE what I paid three years ago.

And, to all the moving companies, here's a news flash. Gas right now is the lowest its been in almost a year. I mean, there is gas for sale around the corner from my house (like I could WALK there) for $2.99 a gallon. So, in my humble opinion, there shouldn't be a gas surcharge....but that's just me.

I'm starting to get a little nervous about this job....mostly becuase I've never done anything like this where there isn't an office that I can go to every day and have people to talk to. I'm worried that my television will suck me into the couch, much like it did most of the day yesterday while I was "packing."

So now, I'm going to run over to Publix to see if they held any boxes for me, so I can pack some of the breakable stuff in some smaller boxes. Also, I have to find a shredding service....I have a stack of stuff with personal information on it that's got to be destroyed.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood...I'll try to catch you tomorrow!

October 12, 2008

What if?

Well...I had this fantastic (and funny) post about the yard sale I had yesterday and the variance of the random folks that showed up to purchase my unwanted stuff. And for the record 50 cents is not too much to charge for an adorable Ann Taylor T-Shirt that has been worn less than 20 times. I promise you that I paid much more than that for it and 50 cents is a good deal.

Instead, I'm going to write about what if. It seems pretty appropriate that as my life (and home) are in transition right now, that I would be thinking about what would have happened if I hadn't made such a dramatic change three years ago. I could have stayed in the relationship I was in. I could have kept going in the job I was in, I would have been promoted eventually, but I don't know if I would have learned as much. There are some great movies that explore the "what if" idea, Sliding Doors is by far my favorite. But I finished Allison Winn Scotch's new book, Time of My Life, litterally in one day. I started it yesterday as something to read while I was between yard sale customers, but its a GREAT book. I kept reading, until 2am when I apparently passed out with the lights on, and then continued this morning until I was done.

Its much more than chick-lit (which by the way, I hate the name of. What are we? Baby chickens who need a special kind of literature to enjoy? Why isn't there a category called dick-lit for books written specifically for a male audience? Oh, does that offend you? I'm sorry - but let's just call it what it is.) Its a great read that speaks to how women are expected to change who they are at the expense of figuring out who that person really is. Its also a great idea that people who are meant to be in your life will find their way there one way or another. For the most part, our paths are interlinked and we only have control over parts of that. Its kind of comforting. I enjoyed this becuase unlike others in the genre that it will inevitably get linked with, it really made me think...about the decisions I've made, about my part in all of it, about what I'm really afraid of, and about my path toward finding someone to be with. Overall, I'd say its excellent and I highlly reccommend it.

On another note, I have a feeling that once I get moved, I will probably try out online dating one last time. I know I've said it before, but I might give it one more shot. Who knows.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood....I'll try to catch you tomorrow!

October 9, 2008

Random Life stuff

So, I realized today driving to the library from a lunch date (more about that in a minute, but it was not a "date" with a man) I realized that I haven't posted much lately. Things are moving forward extremely fast, and I'm having a yard sale on Saturday morning....to try to sell all of that crap I was going to donate to the JLT Whale of a Sale (I'm sorry, its not crap, its gently used items). So here's a rundown of what I know.

Lunch Date
One of my former volunteers, Margaret, called me on Monday to see if I wanted to have lunch. She learned that I had gotten hired and would be moving to Jax and wanted to go to lunch. So we went to one of my favorite restuarants in Tallahasssee - seriously, if you haven't been to Bella Bella, what are you waiting for? When you go, just order the Bubble Bread - you won't be dissappointed. We had a great lunch for an hour and a half today, and she gave me a good ego pump.

Love for the Library
I'm not sure if I posted this earlier or not, but I can't say enough about the fantastic services offered by the library. Did you know that you can go online to the Library's web site, search for and reserve books? Did you know that once you reserve/request the books, the library staff will pull the book for you and hold it at the circulation desk, at the library branch of your choice, and send you an email that its waiting for you? Did you know that the library will send you an email to remind you three days before your books are due and you can renew your books ONLINE? Did you know that these services are completely FREE? Cool huh? I have always loved the library, and I love the smell of old books, and I had forgotten what a great place it can be. Though the branch in Tallahassee (downtown) is always very loud!

Props for the Book
I've really gotten into reading others' blogs on a somewhat regular basis. Well, while reading Ask Allison one day, I discovered that she was finishing her second book and she was having a contest. Well I was one of the winners of said contest and I won a copy of her book. Sadly, I had just checked out Chasing Harry Winston, so I haven't read it yet, but I told Allison that I would put in a plug this week for her newly released book Time of My Life and some reviews by some folks who have read it. Its next in the rotation and as soon as I finish CHW, I'm on to it!

"After this hilarious read, you may just return to your own crazy-busy routine a little happier." - Redbook

"Perfect to read with friends. A book we love." -Cosmopolitan

"Book pick of the month. Insightful and honest, Winn Scotch keeps it light but delves into the dark doubts of the road not taken." - Family Circle

"A must-read. A fantastic, often funny novel." -Hallmark Magazine

"Scotch’s second book shows a writer coming into her own, a storyteller who doesn’t take the easy way out, and a woman with a fine understanding of human nature." - Booklist

A Little Bit of the Funny
So, in case I hadn't made it clear, I'm holding a Yard Sale Saturday morning. If this doesn't give me some funny crap to blog about, I'm not sure what will.

Hope you've enjoyed your trip to MollyWood, I'll try to catch you tomorrow!

October 7, 2008

Drama, Drama, Drama

So…after my fantastic news Thursday (that’s what we’re calling it at least), I decided to go home and visit the folks. Since this job is going to require me to relocate to Jacksonville and have an office based out of my house, I thought that Mom and I should go to Jax and at least look around for somewhere for me to live. First off – people, I’m a girl and I love to shop – I’m going to need some space.

Well, after looking all day, I found it, as long as the woman that owns it will be flexible on the rent. Its in the Avondale neighborhood of Jax – historic and cute and on a great street with friendly neighbors (who listen to Dave – which is a good sign to me). Its convenient to I-10, Publix and the St. Johns River. It’s a 3 bedroom house with a garage and FAB backyard (hello bar-b-ques!). It’s got hardwood floors and a fireplace and personality! Which is one of the main things I’m looking for in a home. The reason I’m waiting to hear from the woman that own’s the place – she’s traveling and MOVING TO JAPAN! So, her neighbor is acting as her property manager and he seems very nice – but I don’t think we’ll be getting answers very quickly. Keep your fingers crossed.

Watching The Hills
I’m not even sure why I love it. Charlize Theron swears “Its about nothing.” But if its Monday night at 10pm – don’t even think about calling me cause The Hills is ON!

Going back to Tally, Tally, Tally.
I listed that as my Facebook status this morning and I’ve had the LL Cool J version (Goin back to Cali) ALL Day. What was the last song to get stuck in your head?

News on the House
Well - I got an email this morning - what a difference a night makes - and she'll come down on the rent a bit! So I'm going to take it! I'm so excited....I have a place to live!

Hope you enjoyed your visit to MollyWood – I’ll try to catch you tomorrow!

October 3, 2008

Best Night of Sleep in a LONG Time!

I have a solution to my sleeping problem.

First - I was in bed by 11pm (very unusual as of late...I've just been more of a night owl).

Second - the weather in Tallahassee lately has been phenomenal - 50s in the morning, mid-80s in the afternoons. So I slept with my bedroom window open and a low fan on - I think the fresh air made me sleepier.

Third, and most importantly, I GOT A JOB OFFER!!! All the stress and worry and anxiety seemed to drift away to a soundtrack of Grant Lee Phillips (if you don't know, you should!) (Ignore the photo clips in the link - listen to the FABULOUS music!)

I woke up this morning refreshed and relaxed and stoked!

So the job, I should find out soon when I start. The offer is official, since my background check came back clean (so, clearly for all of you that were worried, there is confirmation that I'm not a serial killer - though I have been known to be a cereal killer!) Part of the offer means I have 90 days to relocate to the Jacksonville area, but I can start working from home once I get my equipment! I'm the new Development Director for a national foundation for North Florida. So, look out - I'll be raising money in your area!

Mostly, I want to say thanks! Thanks to my friends who have listened to me whine about having nothing to do. Thanks to my friends who have put up with my lame ass moping around. Thanks to my friends who have bought almost ALL of my meals when we've gone out anywhere....the paybacks are coming! Mostly, I want to say thanks. This hase been one of the greatest nightmares of my life, and I feel like its finally over.....and I can start being the best Molly I can be - which is better than I was before.

Below - just a little humor - according to my cousing Gina "I am now dumber for having seen that" ENJOY!