September 9, 2008

Interesting Indian Summer Reading!

So, as part of my current employment situation is that I have sworn I will do more reading….and since I have been visiting the public library more often, and I have learned some FABULOUS things that they offer, for example, did you know you can use your library card and reserve a book, they will pull it, email you and hold it at the front desk for you to come and get it….or they’ll put you on a waiting list until its ready…how cool is that?? You don’t even have to venture into the smelly stacks, where they apparently don’t put the books anyway.

Anywho, one of the books that I found, through my blog guru, Jen Lancaster, was Jessica Culter's The Washingtonienne. Seriously, if you want to read an entire book (it will take you about 2 days) and the entire time, yell "WTF" at no one...I highly suggest this.

If not, here's my synopsis. Lazy, smart girl from New York, f's up her relationship with her "fiance" and moves to DC to live with her friend. While "interning" for a senator, she meets two men old enough to be her father, sleeps with both of them on a regular basis (including hours after she meets them) gets them both to pay for an apartment for her, give her a "stipend" every time they meet, and fly her around the country on trips. While in relationships with both men, she sleeps around with various losers, meets someone at her new job, falls in love, blogs about her sexcapades, gets out-ed to the DC gossips, gets evicted, gets book deal, becomes more fabulous than before for being high-cost whore! This is definately a cautionary tale.....and is not for the faint of heart.

And if you think that my life isn't depressing enough, here's a fabulous library story to brighten your day. I was in the public library, waiting for my reserved computer (yes, you have to sign in and get assigned a computer at a specific computer for a specific time). The computer I had been assigned at 4:10 was currently (3:40) occupied by four teen thugs watching YouTube videos of people fighting and knocking people out. I'm waiting, quite patiently for me, especially, and I walked by to go to the magazine stacks, and one of these THUGS is sitting at the computer, in the library, flicking a lighter!!!! So I leaned over and said, "Please don't flick a lighter in here! There are books and magazines and lots of things that are, um, flamable!" and to my surprise, his friend says, "Dude! Don't burn down the library!"

Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood...I'll catch you tomorrow!

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