September 11, 2008

I'm not keeping quite any more!

Ok, so some of you know that I live in a duplex townhouse (it rocks) and the day I lost my job, I got new neighbors....coincidence?? Possibly. So anyway, I LOVED my old neighbors, I never saw them and NEVER heard them next door. They were hispanic from Miami (big shout out to Carmen and Frank) and friendly, but NOT intrusive.

So anyway, Parish and his new wife, who's name I still don't know, have been living next door for two months-ish. He seems nice, but a little strange. He is the manager of a restaurant and is always friendly and remembered my name after the first time he met me. She's more elusive, I have no idea what she does, but I can tell you she smokes, INSIDE THE HOUSE. Now, I could care less if she wants to kill herself, but when I have been out all day and I come home, MY HOUSE SMELLS LIKE STALE CIGARETTES!!!! I call Bull-Shit on that one.

So this week, Sally-Ann (which is what I'm calling her until someone actually tells me her name) has discovered that we have a hose on the front of the building and she has started not washing but spraying-off her car. How do I know this? I can hear her turning on the spicket in the house.

So this afternoon....I hear her turning on the hose, and I look out the window to see her spraying off her car with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth!!!! Come on.....put the cigarette out already.

More to come on this one, I promise!

MollyWood loves ya...catch ya tomorrow!

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