September 15, 2008

Po' Boys and LOTS o' MEN!

I had lunch with my fabulous friend Lilly. (If I ever totally get the hang of this blog thing, I will start taking photos everywhere with my fabulous digital camera so you can see the people I speak of!) We went to Po' Boys in downtown Tally. I must say, I've never been there for lunch during the week, but Lills and I, both young and single decided we will be going back....with other young and single friends! (Ok, so really, I wanted the camera for this.) I'm telling you, I walked in the door and EVERYWHERE I LOOKED, there were men....old, young, hot, not, cute and was a veritable schmorgasboard....we both agreed.

Its nice to hear others lament about their dating issues...I'm glad when I hear its not just me. I'm also glad when my married friends tell me about their gives me something to hope for! Lilly convinced me of the joys of juggling...I'mjust not skilled.

Short post this week...fairly uneventful weekend. Parents, football, movie, Publix.

Side note, on my way to lunch...I sat at the light at Meridian and Tennessee (between Leon HS and the gas station). Now, normally, nothing of interest, but it was lunchtime and the ENTIRE parking lot was full of high schoolers waiting to walk in the Jiffy store to pick up their oh-so nutritious lunches of Mountain Dew, Doritos, cookies and candy. We were never allowed to leave school to each lunch at a gas station...though some of my classier friends are fans of the GAS STATION HOT DOG and have taught their children the same.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to MollyWood...I'll catch you tomorrow!

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