October 3, 2008

Best Night of Sleep in a LONG Time!

I have a solution to my sleeping problem.

First - I was in bed by 11pm (very unusual as of late...I've just been more of a night owl).

Second - the weather in Tallahassee lately has been phenomenal - 50s in the morning, mid-80s in the afternoons. So I slept with my bedroom window open and a low fan on - I think the fresh air made me sleepier.

Third, and most importantly, I GOT A JOB OFFER!!! All the stress and worry and anxiety seemed to drift away to a soundtrack of Grant Lee Phillips (if you don't know, you should!) (Ignore the photo clips in the link - listen to the FABULOUS music!)

I woke up this morning refreshed and relaxed and stoked!

So the job, I should find out soon when I start. The offer is official, since my background check came back clean (so, clearly for all of you that were worried, there is confirmation that I'm not a serial killer - though I have been known to be a cereal killer!) Part of the offer means I have 90 days to relocate to the Jacksonville area, but I can start working from home once I get my equipment! I'm the new Development Director for a national foundation for North Florida. So, look out - I'll be raising money in your area!

Mostly, I want to say thanks! Thanks to my friends who have listened to me whine about having nothing to do. Thanks to my friends who have put up with my lame ass moping around. Thanks to my friends who have bought almost ALL of my meals when we've gone out anywhere....the paybacks are coming! Mostly, I want to say thanks. This hase been one of the greatest nightmares of my life, and I feel like its finally over.....and I can start being the best Molly I can be - which is better than I was before.

Below - just a little humor - according to my cousing Gina "I am now dumber for having seen that" ENJOY!

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