September 23, 2008

The Interview - a Recap

Well....thanks to all of you for your well wishes - I really appreciate it. What I can tell you is that of all things, this experience has made me realize that I am marketable and I can have a good interview and answer questions!

So, Friday's adventure was supposed to start at 3:45 am....which I figured I would need to go to sleep around 9pm to get enough rest. Good in theory, but if you know me at all, you know I can't sleep when I'm excited or nervous (thus the Ambien perscription) and I was nervous that if I took drugs I would when I was awake at 3am, I just decided to get up. In the long run, it was probably the better decision, since I could completely take my time to get ready....and I was actually ready a little early.

I had my red laptop bag packed with everything you could possibly think of, hairspray, makeup, flip flops, laptop, ipod, magazine, gum, toothburush and toothpaste, snacks...I'm sure there was more...I accidentally weighed my bag....17 pounds! Tallahassee airport at 5:20 am, Atlanta airport at 6:40am and I was in Chicago by 9:30. One of the dummer things I did was wear my heels on all the planes, I should have carried them feet hurt so bad.

In Chicago, I got a cab and made it to the office, a little early too. Though the cab driver was crazier than Deborah...seriously! I thought I was going to die about 20 times, and we had to go all of 5 blocks.

The interview itself was awesome. The women I met with seem amazing, very smart and knowledgable. And to me, they asked the right questions - I'm so curious about the actual office I would be working in. (The interview was in Chicago, the job is in Boston.) And I've started looking at Craigslist for apartments, that's how good I think it went.

Here's what I can tell you.....the job itself excites me, for lots of reasons mostly because it would be starting 5 events almost from scratch. On the flip side, moving to Boston terrifies me on many levels....snow, large metro area, crazy accents, no family, no friends, no Publix (seriously - those that don't live in the south, it REALLY is the BEST grocery store), no beach....well I guess there is a beach.....its just very different.

The flight back was crazy. There was much confusion with which airline I was actually on...US Air, operated by that means you check in at the United desk...who knew? And I had to wait about 3 hours. I was so pumped when I got to the airport, and I talked to a few people, but as the time went on, I was getting more and more worn out. When I finally got on the plane, the sweet man next to me agreed that he would wake me if I was snoring (bless you, because aparently, I was).....then I RAN through the Charlotte airport - litterally from one end to the other....thank GOD I brought flip flops. And I ended up on a plane with Amanda May's mom. By the time I got to my house at almost 11 pm, I was so tired that I had to take some Ambien to make sure I slept, which I did until 10am Saturday!

So now, I wait. Keep up your good thoughts and wishes, but I have no news at this point. The recruiter keeps telling me to be positive and stay focused....I'm trying, but its hard. So if you've got any ideas how to stay occupied, I'm up for it!

Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood....I'll try to catch you tomorrow!

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