September 26, 2008

Proud to Be Part of the 24 Percent.

I think I'm just irritated today. I've been cooped up in the house all week - and I need to go out and socialize - THANK GOD for some of my friends.

So....on top of everything - I'm at Panera (because we all know I love the free internet) and I wanted to get lunch.

Can we just talk about ettiquitte at a counter service restaurant? Here is what we don't do. DO NOT go and stand in front of the condiment station and PREPARE your drink. I promise there are people behind you getting more and more irritated with you by the minute. And then, when you start talking to your friend next to you, who CLEARLY sees me standing behind you but does nothing to indicate to you that there's someone makes me want to throw my perfectly good BACON TURKEY BRAVO at your head.

On another note....are you aware of the HOURS of USELESS crap on daytime television? Every day I am amazed that there isn't anything better on TV.

Did you know there are FOUR HOURS of the Today Show? And they have the same guests with different hosts asking THE SAME QUESTIONS. Today, this woman, beautifyl, single woman is being interviewed talking about being single. And how she's accepted it, but others make her feel bad....and they flash these numbers across the bottom of the screen.

41% of women 24-29 are not married
24% of women 30-34 are not married
The point is, she wrote a book, which is excerpted on the Today Show web site. Seems like a good read, but you can't get it at the I'm not reading it right now.
And, I just have to throw in how awesome it was to flip back and forth between Grey's Anatomy premiere and COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Can't believe that USC lost - actually I can because they are SO Arrogant. Its exciting when a #1 team loses to a nobody.
A follow up to an older I'm a Disco Duck - I told my mom about the post I wrote and asked if she remembered my first favorite song. She said she didn't, but that she would think about it. She called me back later last night and told me a few things, and then started singing "Disco, Disco Duck. Disco, Disco Duck." And told me the story of how that album "disappeared" from our house.
Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood...I'll try to catch you tomorrow.

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