September 23, 2008

Something to Think About

One of the things my sabbatical has allowed me to do, is to start reading blogs. I never got into them before, now I know its not cause I didn't have the time, but I didn't have the time up front. Now, I'm a blogger and reader fo' sho'.

After finding Ask Allison, her question today really got me thinking. There's hardly anything in my life I would do over, but there are so many choices and decisions that could have made things SO different....down to answering a phone call. (and a fabulous Gwenyth Paltrow movie, Sliding Doors - if you haven't seen it, it's AMAZING!)

My biggest what if, after thinking about this for most of the day. When I finished graduate school, I moved to Atlanta and tried desperately to find a public relations job in a newly post- 9-11 world. Needless to say, it was an interesting adventure. My friend Jenn Underhill hooked me up with a really cool freelance job, but I couldn't find anything permanent. I even found this recruitment firm that specializes in communications jobs. They led me to this AMAZING job with a law firm in downtown Atlanta. Seriously, their office is across the street from the old Downtown Macy's. But I did not get offered that amazing job. Instead, I got an offer to move back to the small Central Florida town I grew up in....and I took it. Mostly because I was scared.

And now, six and a half years later, I wonder what my life would be like if I had stayed in Atlanta and stuck it out. There were three more years of Molly and Billy that never would have happened. I think I would be in a very different position than I am now...but I would have missed out on so many cool things.

What about you? What's your greatest What If moment? Do you ever think about what would have happened if you would have made a different decision about something?

Hope you've enjoyed your visit to MollyWood - I'll try to catch you tomorrow!

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