October 21, 2009

Airport Agrivations and other Tales from the Trip....and More Smart People Awards

SO, I'm flying to Atlanta for work for the next five days. No problem. I started packing EARLY and I was ready to leave the house EARLY. For those of you that know me, this is big.

Smart people of the Day Awards
Now, understand, I'm not knocking people who chose to have children or chose to fly with them. My problem is the people that are not prepared. Just a sampling of conversations from the crew in front of me going through security: "Oh, what's that? I have to take my shoes off? And my child too?" "Oh, you mean I have to take liquids out of my bag?" "What do you mean you're confiscating my hairspray?" "I have to take off my earrings?" Seriously people? This flying thing is not that complex.

Maybe I'm just cranky from being out so late on my date. Hold on there, Tiger. Did she say date?

Yup. I had a very successful date with a very nice person. Actually, that's the confusing part. I usually only date assholes....I'm not sure what to do with a nice guy.

Oh, well....we're going out again when I get back from ATL....I promise there will be more dish.

Until then....Thanks for stopping by Mollywood!