October 7, 2008

Drama, Drama, Drama

So…after my fantastic news Thursday (that’s what we’re calling it at least), I decided to go home and visit the folks. Since this job is going to require me to relocate to Jacksonville and have an office based out of my house, I thought that Mom and I should go to Jax and at least look around for somewhere for me to live. First off – people, I’m a girl and I love to shop – I’m going to need some space.

Well, after looking all day, I found it, as long as the woman that owns it will be flexible on the rent. Its in the Avondale neighborhood of Jax – historic and cute and on a great street with friendly neighbors (who listen to Dave – which is a good sign to me). Its convenient to I-10, Publix and the St. Johns River. It’s a 3 bedroom house with a garage and FAB backyard (hello bar-b-ques!). It’s got hardwood floors and a fireplace and personality! Which is one of the main things I’m looking for in a home. The reason I’m waiting to hear from the woman that own’s the place – she’s traveling and MOVING TO JAPAN! So, her neighbor is acting as her property manager and he seems very nice – but I don’t think we’ll be getting answers very quickly. Keep your fingers crossed.

Watching The Hills
I’m not even sure why I love it. Charlize Theron swears “Its about nothing.” But if its Monday night at 10pm – don’t even think about calling me cause The Hills is ON!

Going back to Tally, Tally, Tally.
I listed that as my Facebook status this morning and I’ve had the LL Cool J version (Goin back to Cali) ALL Day. What was the last song to get stuck in your head?

News on the House
Well - I got an email this morning - what a difference a night makes - and she'll come down on the rent a bit! So I'm going to take it! I'm so excited....I have a place to live!

Hope you enjoyed your visit to MollyWood – I’ll try to catch you tomorrow!

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