October 16, 2008

Packing Sucks

So, the countdown is ON...I am moving in 16 days. I am trying to pack sensibly, packing the items that I don't currently need and won't need for the next two weeks. That's mostly decor, but not the closet or kitchen. I am also trying to get packed, so that the movers won't take my first born child for payment. When I moved to Tallahassee three years ago, it cost $975 to move my 2 bedroom apartment here. The quote I got yesterday was for $1,856. Um, yeah, you read that correctly. That would be almost DOUBLE what I paid three years ago.

And, to all the moving companies, here's a news flash. Gas right now is the lowest its been in almost a year. I mean, there is gas for sale around the corner from my house (like I could WALK there) for $2.99 a gallon. So, in my humble opinion, there shouldn't be a gas surcharge....but that's just me.

I'm starting to get a little nervous about this job....mostly becuase I've never done anything like this where there isn't an office that I can go to every day and have people to talk to. I'm worried that my television will suck me into the couch, much like it did most of the day yesterday while I was "packing."

So now, I'm going to run over to Publix to see if they held any boxes for me, so I can pack some of the breakable stuff in some smaller boxes. Also, I have to find a shredding service....I have a stack of stuff with personal information on it that's got to be destroyed.

Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood...I'll try to catch you tomorrow!

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