October 9, 2008

Random Life stuff

So, I realized today driving to the library from a lunch date (more about that in a minute, but it was not a "date" with a man) I realized that I haven't posted much lately. Things are moving forward extremely fast, and I'm having a yard sale on Saturday morning....to try to sell all of that crap I was going to donate to the JLT Whale of a Sale (I'm sorry, its not crap, its gently used items). So here's a rundown of what I know.

Lunch Date
One of my former volunteers, Margaret, called me on Monday to see if I wanted to have lunch. She learned that I had gotten hired and would be moving to Jax and wanted to go to lunch. So we went to one of my favorite restuarants in Tallahasssee - seriously, if you haven't been to Bella Bella, what are you waiting for? When you go, just order the Bubble Bread - you won't be dissappointed. We had a great lunch for an hour and a half today, and she gave me a good ego pump.

Love for the Library
I'm not sure if I posted this earlier or not, but I can't say enough about the fantastic services offered by the library. Did you know that you can go online to the Library's web site, search for and reserve books? Did you know that once you reserve/request the books, the library staff will pull the book for you and hold it at the circulation desk, at the library branch of your choice, and send you an email that its waiting for you? Did you know that the library will send you an email to remind you three days before your books are due and you can renew your books ONLINE? Did you know that these services are completely FREE? Cool huh? I have always loved the library, and I love the smell of old books, and I had forgotten what a great place it can be. Though the branch in Tallahassee (downtown) is always very loud!

Props for the Book
I've really gotten into reading others' blogs on a somewhat regular basis. Well, while reading Ask Allison one day, I discovered that she was finishing her second book and she was having a contest. Well I was one of the winners of said contest and I won a copy of her book. Sadly, I had just checked out Chasing Harry Winston, so I haven't read it yet, but I told Allison that I would put in a plug this week for her newly released book Time of My Life and some reviews by some folks who have read it. Its next in the rotation and as soon as I finish CHW, I'm on to it!

"After this hilarious read, you may just return to your own crazy-busy routine a little happier." - Redbook

"Perfect to read with friends. A book we love." -Cosmopolitan

"Book pick of the month. Insightful and honest, Winn Scotch keeps it light but delves into the dark doubts of the road not taken." - Family Circle

"A must-read. A fantastic, often funny novel." -Hallmark Magazine

"Scotch’s second book shows a writer coming into her own, a storyteller who doesn’t take the easy way out, and a woman with a fine understanding of human nature." - Booklist

A Little Bit of the Funny
So, in case I hadn't made it clear, I'm holding a Yard Sale Saturday morning. If this doesn't give me some funny crap to blog about, I'm not sure what will.

Hope you've enjoyed your trip to MollyWood, I'll try to catch you tomorrow!

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