August 21, 2008

Welcome to MollyWood!

I have made a conscious decision for myself. Since right now, I'm not working but sending my resume to anyone who has an email address...I need something to keep myself occupied. I enjoy several blogs, and my friends, family, acquaintances and kick-a$$ hair-stylist seem to enjoy my snarky I might as well share my snarkiness (yes, its a word...I TOTALLY just made it up!) with anyone who can read.

With the addition of my new laptop (shout out to Papa Pete for this one), this will be so much easier to accomplish than it was a week ago when I was making daily trips to the Public Library (more on that to come!). I have several idols in this endeavor....but Jen Lancaster is my props to her...and check out (NO, i didn't steal MollyWood from her, technically I stole it from a store outside of Dothan, Alabama in the summer of 2000.)

Olympic Obsessed!
You will soon learn I'm a strange, interesting chick. I don't play sports - I don't think I'm that coordinated. I do, however, watch sports - mostly college football (go Noles!), and, coincidentally, SportsCenter. Because of that fact, I have, like the rest of the country, become obsessed with this year's Summer Olympics. To the point that I had a theme party to commemorate the start of the games.

I am a Phelps Phan, I like Shawn Johnson over Nastia Lukin (she's too skinny), I still love Bella Karolyi even though he sounds like the Swedish Chef and I think the Jamaican sprinters are OBNOXIOUS. Not excited-obnoxious, but over-the-top, rub-it-in-your-face, bad sportsmanship obnoxious. And isn't that what the Olympics is all about? Its about pushing yourself, winning, congratulating your opponent, and being so proud that you are representing your country in front of the world. Its not about posing, and making puffed-up gestures to show the world how cool you are. Save it for Diddy - we all know how obnoxious he is, that's why we love him. (By the way, I'm SOOOO looking forward to seeing what happens now that Laurie Ann Gibson is back as Day 26's tour choreographer.)

I hope you've enjoyed your trip to MollyWood....I'll catch you tomorrow!

*Photo courtesy of Associated Press

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