August 21, 2008

Things I've Learned about Unemployment

So, I've learned so much in the past month. So much that I never wanted to know.

First, when you file for unemployment insurance, because surprise, surprise, that's what it is...who knew, you have what is called a "waiting week." But, no one explains what a waiting week is. Apaprently, its the first week of your unemployment, that you have to claim as being unemployed, that you do not receive benefits for. Yes folks, you read me will NEVER receive your money for your first week....and NO ONE can tell me WHY.

Also - lets just say for arguements sake, that you were making very close to $1,000 per week in gross pay. Well, I hate to break it to you, no matter HOW MUCH you have accrued, you will STILL only earn $275 per week. And that's if you don't withhold 10% for taxes, which I would HIGHLY RECCOMMEND you do.

And, here's the rub. So I was thinking...I should check into doing some kind of temporary work or something to keep me busy and make some additional money. If you make over $46 per week, the overage will be deducted from your $275. That's not a typo, you read it correctly.....$46. So that means that if you make $100 a week, your unemployment payment will only be $ total, you'll make $267. Dig it, huh?

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