August 27, 2008

Meeting Boys - Not as Fun as Shopping

So, I am currently, sometimes hopelessly, single. There has been a very noticeable (to all of my friends and family) dry spell happening. We're not even talking about the last time I had an actual "date," but its been a while.

So when I was grocery shopping on Sunday.....(Publix was very busy)...I spotted Mr. Cutie. Two aisles over I see this guy in a light blue polo with a tiny basket over his arm. So, as I was shopping, not stalking, he turned and looked at me...I made eye contact and smiled. By the way, I was looking very Sporty Spice on capri yoga pants, long sleeved San Fran t-shirt, sneakers, my Harvard baseball cap that makes me feel smart and just enough makeup to look fresh and not like I was wearing makeup.

So, I'm shopping and smiling at Mr. Cutie...and I look away, extremely fascinated by pork chops. (It's called flirting people, give me a break!) I discreetly look for Mr. Cutie and find that he's heading toward me. I throw the pork chops in my basket and quickly turn in his direction, clipping his hip with my cart! SCORE!!!

Me: I'm SOOOO sorry. I am such a klutz. Its so busy in here....are you ok?

Mr. Cutie: I'm good...I think I'll survive.

(insert 15 minutes of random small talk here....its the Harvard hat. really, this was some of my best work)

Me: Well, Steve* I'm really sorry I ran into you. I hate to tell you this, I would love to stand here and talk to you, but I'm meeting some friends for dinner, and I've got to finish here and get cleaned up.

Mr. Cutie: Hey, I understand...can't stand in the grocery store and talk all day. Can I call you some time to talk some more?

Me: Sure! You can give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Mr. Cutie: Cool, I'll give you a call this week. Have fun at dinner.

Me: Thanks! Talk to you soon!

So, here's the deal. Its Wednesday night...and NO CALL from Mr. Cutie. So by my calculations, and the three day rule! he should have called.

There's a lesson here kiddies-the old, hit 'em with your cart at the grocery store does work...but it doesn't always get you a date!

Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood....I'll catch ya tomorrow!

* That's not his real name, but since he didn't call....does it really matter?

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