August 24, 2008

Smart People of the Day Awards

Since I clearly am smarter than 3/4 of the planet (in my humble opinion), I would like to start giving "props" to those whose intelligent actions, words and deeds set them above the rest. If you know my friend Emily, give her a big thanks for encouraging this to be a MollyWood blog category!

My Corinne Street neighbors - These people get the award for "check and see if the downed tree limbs you are cleaning up are going to fall and knock down an f-ing power line." Seriously, its not bad enough that my neighborhood was without power for the vast majority of Saturday or that the cable service was spotty at best, but these geniouses actually knocked out electric service for FOUR STREETS, just by cleaning up from the saddest excuse of a tropical storm I have ever seen.

FSU Panhellenic Association - Ladies, I know the drama of sorority rush. I also know the drama of sorority rush in Florida with August electrical storms. (My junior year, I got to hang in our house with no power and talk to a sobbing girl who had very smartly worn white shorts and a RED THONG and had gotten soaking wet....surprisingly, she did not get a bid.) But the genious that decided to continue with Pref Day when there was a tropical storm hitting Tallahassee she be recognized. Its just what every nervous soon-to-be freshman wants to do is stand outside of one of the three houses they are pref-ing and instead of primping or trying to not sound like a moron (for some of them, its work) they are trying to not get their fancy "garden party" dress and coordinating shoes soaking wet.
*Photo courtesy of the Tallahassee Democrat

Comcast Cable - I get it. Its a storm, there's lots of wind and rain and lightning, and as I already mentioned, super-intelligent people. But wouldn't you think that with all that going on, the Capital Area's only cable provider would at least have someone manning (obviously not womanning) the phones to enter service requests? I would. But instead, from my house with no power and no cable, I called the service number listed on my bill...and there was no ringing and no one answering. Thankfully the cable came back on just in time for me to catch prime-time coverage of the Olympics and the men's marathon. Which is just about as interesting as watching paint dry, maybe a little less.

John Mayer - Seriously, Jennifer Anniston needs a break from dating nice-guys in disguise. I like John Mayer, loved his short-lived VH1 show, but seriously dude, SHUT THE F-UP! You broke up. Why do you care what the tabloids are saying? Be above it....if you don't want to comment on your private life when you are dating someone, then PLEASE don't comment on it once you've broken up. Be Beyonce...don't even admit it when you get married!

If you have any nominations for Smart People of the Day, please let me know.

I hope you've enjoyed your trip to MollyWood....I'll catch you tomorrow!

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Kathryn said...

Hello?! Did you read Dlisted today? Michael K says John Mayer is an attention whore who thinks he's now as famous as Jennifer.

I always thought they were a weird couple. Michael also says Jennifer should go ahead and use :) people of the day awards.....I like it.