June 30, 2010

Do I Smell like Crazy?

Well..its official...I'm using a travel deodorant because I was almost out and the stupid man at Target scanned my new deodorant and DIDN'T put it in the bag....grrr.

Which makes me wonder....do I smell like crazy?

I started thinking about the crazy people that I seem to attract and the stories they produce...here's a hint of some of the greatest hits.

Kitty Litter Necklace

So, in at least part of my career, part of my job has been to interview and hire new staff. If you've ever done this...you know how particularly entertaining this can be. If you haven't, I highly reccommend you try it at least once...it is a PARADE of people watching for your disposal.

On one such occasion, I had a young woman come in for an interview. As, we work in fundraising, I asked her about walking into a situation and how she networked. She was dressed professionally enough (you wouldn't believe some of the outfits I saw) and picked up her necklace from her neck and said, "I usually just use this necklace. This necklace is like kitty litter for old people....they're just attracted to it. So I would just go to meetings and gatherings and wear this necklace. The people will just come to me."

Needless to say, I continued interviewing additional candidates.

I'm not crazy....and I don't need this dress.

About six years ago, I lived in a one bedroom apartment (the last one I lived in by the way). It was on the third floor in a large complex, and in the spring and fall...it was really nice to sleep with the windows open and know that noone would be able to get in. At about 7 one morning, I heard a ruckus outside.

"Hey! Hey!" This continued at pretty regular intervals for about ten minutes.

So, I got up and walked to the window. Where I saw a woman, wearing shoes and walking, well, stumbling around the parking lot, completely naked. And yelling.

"Hey! Hey! I'm not crazy!"

Now, at this point, I need to interject. If you're truly not crazy, there's no need to broadcast it to people who aren't asking.

About 10 minutes later, the police department came and escorted home.

More crazy to come....this was just your first taste!

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Mollywood....catch you soon!

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