June 11, 2010

Mollywood is changing tack....JIVE HO!

So, its been a while since I've been inspired to write....Inspiration...FOUND!

Its been found in the form of a new friend....who I think is fabulous. You should check out her blog too...http://www.princessofrobinia.com!

So this blog isn't about her...but she's the catalyst for my new-found blogging. I realized out at drinks last night that she is just as busy as I am, and still has time to blog almost daily...and there's no reason I can't do it.

Some of this blog will stay the same...you'll still be getting the "Smart People of the Day" awards, a touch of Random-ness, and my other observations on life, but instead of my dating adventures...you'll get to read about the adventures of what happens after you find prince charming.

So that's what you've missed, I guess. Mollywood has fallen in love....I know, right!?! More on that to come in more blogs.

Back to the "Smart People of the Day." For this week....there's a few...but in only one category!

Jacksonville Drivers. Why am I the only person in this town that knows how to drive? I can't understand why following the posted and learned rules of the road is so complicated. It is NOT OK to make a right turn from the left lane, especially when I am driving IN the right lane. It is NOT OK to stop your car in the middle of the street for no apparent reason. It is NOT OK to drive 60 miles per hour down a residential street with a posted speed limit of 30.

Hope you've enjoyed your visit to Mollywood...I'll catch you next time!

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