November 30, 2008

Why Why Why???

So, we all know that my dating life has been almost non-existent since February! I think its the longest I've gone without dating ANYONE since I've been dating, but whatever. From July on, I wasn't in any shape to be with my friends, let alone date someone and not send them running.

So, I'm kind of ready and trying online dating again, we'll see how it goes. It always reinforces to me how superficial people are, but that's their choice!

The why, why, why question is two fold.

FIRST - Saturday night after the horrible football game, Mom and I left Dad at the hotel (he was cold - poor baby!) and went to 2Chez for a quick drink, and to get a small something to eat. I walked up to the bar, cause there's no way that they'd just have someone wait on us. And this man, about my mom's age, walks up next to me and says "that was one hell of a sad game" and he's leaning toward me, touching my arm. I order an Appletini, and the bartender is making it, and throws a cherry in the glass. And I say, "I don't need a cherry." Now I DO actually realize how dirty this statement is - to someone I'm flirting with! It is not, however, dirty to the bartender throwing an unwanted cherry in my drink. And the dirty old man says "Really? That sounds like a challenge."

I looked at him, rolled my eyes and said "go away."' He laughed and walked over to start talking to my MOM!

The second piece of Why is WHY am I suddenly Good Luck Chuck? Why is it that when I date someone, the very next person they date, after me, they end up marrying???? This has now happend FOUR times! Four! Times! I'm not making this up. Its rediculous! I'm starting to get a complex - maybe I should offer out my services. Maybe it would get me more dates!

Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood! I'll catch you tomorrow!

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Michael said...

You are beautiful. Iam surprised the men are not falling over themselves to ask you out!