November 6, 2008 the East Side

So, I keep getting calls and emails for pictures of the new house. All I can tell you, its SO much better in person than it is in pictures. We (Mom and I) have been working so hard, since Saturday - there were 34 boxes that got loaded on the truck, there are 4 left, and those are all in the guest room until I can find some kind of strorage unit to hold clothes and shoes.

Aren't those steps pretty? Installed them myself! Caused a huge argument with Dad. Has this happened to anyone else? My parents used to know everything, and I depended on them for lots of information. Now, my Dad insists that he knows EVERYTHING and argues to that fact. His big thing is that he corrects my mom about everything. She says my new neighbors are "about my age" he says, "No, they're WAY OLDER."

Nothing really outstandingly funny to report yet. I'm getting set up for more trainings and it looks like I'm going to be traveling a lot in the next few weeks, NYC and DC!
Hope you enjoyed your trip to MollyWood!


TonyaMichelle said...

I'm LOVING your house! Can't wait to see you on Tuesday!

YMCAGal7 said...

WOW!!! Your new house really looks cute.