November 19, 2008

MollyWood goes to Washington

I love my new job. Today I'm in DC meeting with members of Congress (COOL) and tonight I'm taking a train to NYC (COOL!).

I was up at 5am, and the only time I'm a fan of 5am, is when I'm asleep and don't actually see it. I was showered and out of the house by 6am and I had landed in DC by 9:30 - and let me just tell you about the shock to my Florida living system when I walked out onto the Metro platform at Reagan to wait for the train and it was 22 degrees out - TWENTY TWO DEGREES!

So, I'm meeting our National CEO and some other people for lunch at a restaurant in Union Station - the best part of that is that silling and waiting in Union Square is a Smart-Ass's dream come true.

First, there's the homeless man, talking to himself about which Boradway show he wants to go see and WHY. "She can barely carry a note, how's she supposed to carry an act?" Then there's the girl behind me who has busied herself for about an hour filling out the FORTY postcards she's spread all over the bench. Next, the guy on his cell, so loud they can hear him in space, who required me to find my secret oxygen mask to protect me from his cologne.

And the best. I'm quietly reading and I hear, "Its not a weapon by itself, its only a weapon when its used by him, with you. And you're both terrorists." If this woman comes back by, I'll make sure I give you her other quotes. That one at least got a laugh from one of my waiting neighbors, who made eye contact and giggled.

There's more I'm sure, but this stupid public internet already lost my better post.

I'll give you more when I have it!

MollyWood loves ya!

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