December 20, 2008

Today was a Cluster Fuck

So, today was a mess!

First, I had some crazy dream - I'm not sure what it was about, but I woke up knowing that it was some insane dream and I didn't sleep well.

Second, I had to run some errands - and I decided to get my hair trimmed. I have asked around and gotten the same reccommendation from a few people. I'm really picky about my hair, I've had the same stylist in Tallahassee for over 2 years and I LOVE HER - and I will now make sure that I have an appointment when I'm going for work.

So, I went in, and they took me back to shampoo me. Then the stylist came out. And the more I looked at her, the more I thought - she looks like Bon Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi. Circa 1987. Not just folically. Her makeup, her clothes AND her hair! And she looked like Jon in the face - oh how I wish I had the balls to pull out my digital camera and take a photo of her to show you all, so you could judge for yourself.

When I asked her to adjust one thing, she got REALLY pissed and then told me she wasn't one of those stylists who gets mad about suggestions, she's been doing this for 30 years!

So then, I got home and decided to use the spray sunless tanner that I bought - I am looking more and more like Casper's little sister. I've used this before, but never with this result. The overspray went ALL over the bathroom and the entire bathroom had to be cleaned.


So I took my new bathmat, super cute! I followed the care instructions and washed it. When I pulled it out of the washer, there were LARGE chunks of yarn missing. So now, I have to take it back to Target and figure out what else I'm going to get, since I CLEARLY am not getting another one.

The hair is better. I washed it and blew it dry - its not so we'll see.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to MollyWood....catch ya later!

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