September 16, 2010

Well, that worked out well.

Yes, I am aware that the week after I posted that my goal was to post once a week, I left Mollywood for a month! But the truth is, I was working on the Dirty Thirty-two!

So, I think you deserve an update....

1. Get a job that I love and that pays me well. (CHECK!) Getting this one accomplished is why Mollywood has been so lonely! I started last Tuesday and now I have to get up and out in the morning and remember how to work in an office!

2. Keep up with the blog (1 post each week) - yeah, so this one has turned out to be a little harding in leiu of number 1 being accomplished. I get back in the groove though.

3. Attend Church Service at least once a month (So far so good)

4. Take a wine tasting class.

5. Visit the Cummer Museum

6. Visit Dottie Beard in Annapolis

7. Attend a Jacksonville Art Walk

8. Pick a volunteer project and get started. (I’m leaning towards signing up as a mentor or volunteering at the Florida Theater, but that may change.)

9. Lose an unspecified amount of weight

10. Go to a Good Shepherd Chamber Music Society concert

11. See the sunrise from the beach - I tried one day....and I missed it, by about 15 minutes CRAP!

12. Clean up media on iPod

13. Get car back in garage

14. Go somewhere special for New Year’s Eve

15. Cook at least three meals at home each week.

16. No more library fines – and only check out books

17. Visit Helen, Georgia during Octoberfest

18. Go to a Jacksonville Seminole Club event

19. Take a Photography Class

20. Plan Day-trip from Jax and Gainesville (Neil’s current home-base) to somewhere I haven’t been in at least 10 years.

21. Get Savannah art framed and hung (CHECK!) Actually I can claim no credit for this one - Neil had it beautifully framed for my birthday

22. Update the reading list – include authors with actual merit rather than reality television fixtures.

23. Take more pictures of myself and with Neil. (So far so good) See below

24. Go to the Planetarium

25. Find an obedience class for Finn.

26. Plan and take a road trip to Nashville (So far so good) Started talking to Mysch about this one fingers crossed!

27. Wash and clean out my car once a week

28. Go kayaking with Neil

29. Start a wine log

30. Go to the beach at least once each month (So far so good)

31. Go to Ikea in Orlando

32. Make homemade Mayonnaise and Pesto sauce

About three days after I originally posted the list - Neil took me to St. Augustine for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. That weekend really made me realize how lucky I am that I found him. We had an incredible time - he's so much fun! And I'm looking forward to all of the adventures we're going to have in the future (I KNOW HOW I SOUND - BEAR WITH ME!).
All these people around me have found this (or at least I hope that this is what they've found) and I always thought they were full of crap!
So, St. Auggie was awesome, though INCREDIBLY hot and humid (obviously, because I look melted in this photo).
A quick PS - I accidentally caught the new season of Survivor last night - and Jimmy Johnson is on the island. Super Bowl winning coach, Jimmy Johnson. And its not celebrity Survivor, its regular people Survivor. HE'S AWESOME!
Thanks for stopping by Mollywood...I'll catch you soon!

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Korky's Mom said...

Update us. I just noticed you did this and I want to hear how it is going!