August 17, 2010

Dirty - Thirty (two)

My birthday is this week. And once again I am finding myself without a job for my birthday. But this time, I've decided to turn things on a positive ear. So, aside from my daily affirmations "I have a job that I love and that pays me well," which a dear dear friend tells me helps turn the universe in your favor, I've come up with a to-do list for this year.

Thirty-two things to do while I'm thirty-two. (I'd like to claim I came up with this on my own, but I stole it from my friend Erin and her blog A Girl and Her Mutt) So, here goes, big and small, we love them all and the project is going to be to attempt to accomplish them all - and I'll report back periodically on how its going.

1. Get a job that I love and that pays me well.
2. Keep up with the blog (1 post each week)
3. Attend Church Service at least once a month
4. Take a wine tasting class.
5. Visit the Cummer Museum
6. Visit Dottie Beard in Annapolis
7. Attend a Jacksonville Art Walk
8. Pick a volunteer project and get started. (I’m leaning towards signing up as a mentor or volunteering at the Florida Theater, but that may change.)
9. Lose an unspecified amount of weight
10. Go to a Good Shepherd Chamber Music Society concert
11. See the sunrise from the beach
12. Clean up media on iPod
13. Get car back in garage
14. Go somewhere special for New Year’s Eve
15. Cook at least three meals at home each week.
16. No more library fines – and only check out books
17. Visit Helen, Georgia during Octoberfest
18. Go to a Jacksonville Seminole Club event
19. Take a Photography Class
20. Plan Day-trip from Jax and Gainesville (Neil’s current home-base) to somewhere I haven’t been in at least 10 years.
21. Get Savannah art framed and hung
22. Update the reading list – include authors with actual merit rather than reality television fixtures.
23. Take more pictures of myself and with Neil.
24. Go to the Planetarium
25. Find an obedience class for Finn.
26. Plan and take a road trip to Nashville
27. Wash and clean out my car once a week
28. Go kayaking with Neil
29. Start a wine log
30. Go to the beach at least once each month
31. Go to Ikea in Orlando
32. Make homemade Mayonnaise and Pesto sauce

Wish me luck! I hope you enjoyed your visit to Mollywood! I'll catch you next time!

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